Brett Tully, PhD
I have more than ten years of research and industrial experience in biomedical and mechanical engineering, and applied mathematics. My focus continues to be the intelligent application of computing resources to answer questions about the physical world. Currently, this means leading a team of highly talented engineers developing tools and products for managing and analysing a petabyte-scale data lake for cancer proteomics.
I graduated from the University of Oxford with a PhD in biomedical engineering having introduced a novel technique to interrogate the interaction of fluid and tissue in the brain. I joined First Light Fusion as the first employee and led the numerical physics group building high-performance simulation tools for understanding our unique approach to nuclear fusion.
Being in and around universities for so long, I have developed a strong interest in the translation of advanced technology to market. I believe that for a whole host of reasons, too much university research fails to make an impact in the wider society. For this reason, I am constantly on the look out for ways in which I can lubricate the interface between science and business to provide tangible products and services.